Dear Mr. Producer

     Don’t get it twisted or misconstrued. I respect you and your craft, immensely. It’s a new age though, a new era and the mold has changed. In some cases it’s been completely broken. Im of the opinion that we should start thinking and collaborating differently. So here is a few ideas I wanted to put out there. Also you got to ask yourself what you want to get out of producing an artist.

Are you just going for quick and easy sales? just to get by or are you trying to acquire residual income? Do you want to develop working relationships with artist that you respect and believe in? that return and invest more of their time and money or do you just want to provide the backdrop for any random paying customer?

Try to think about it like this quote from “The Social Network” : “ When you go fishing you can catch a lot of fish, or you can catch a big fish. You ever walk into a guy’s den and see a picture of him standing next to fourteen trout? 

Christy: No, he’s holding a three-thousand-pound marlin. 
Sean Parker: Yup! 
Mark Zuckerberg: That’s a good analogy.”

I understand you want to work with the bigger names. The ones you already respect and have admiration for. I understand your looking for hits and hit makers, trying to break into the industry. While your competing for the Major artists attention and placement, you should in the meantime collaborate with some of the countless artists hitting you up for “FREE BEATS”, take a moment to listen to some of those artist that are interested and if you think you hear potential, you enjoy what they do and believe in it, feel like you can create something people will find interest in, you should start providing that artist with exclusive material you can both capitalize off of. 

I think you can benefit much greater from a more invested collaborative relationship these days. If you are producing artists you believe in and enjoy, creating and developing a sound uniquely your own, you have a better chance of actually making residual income with your art. Thanks to sites like it’s making these processes easier for all of us. Making sure all parties are compensated properly for the time and effort they put into creating it it. 

Let’s use a few examples of great collaborative relationships. More relevant and recent examples are Juliano and Wiz Khalifa, Jahlil Beats and Meek Mill, Wax and EOM, all whom met online.. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis or Grieves and Budo are good examples of organic collaborations and of course all they way back to Eric B and Rakim, RZA and Wu Tang, Mannie Fresh and Cash Money, Dr. Dre and Snoop/Eminem etc etc. Creating and developing a sound with particular artist is important. Reverse the psychology on being paid for your production, it’s an investment and it should be something you believe in.

SO Mr. Producer, I suggest you stop looking for the quick sale, think of the residual sale you can make from creating original and exclusive music with a new artist. As long as your production is copyrighted and you register your song with something like SongTrust, you won’t have anything to  worry about in terms of getting your material stolen if the relationship between you and an artist doesn’t pan out. I feel like it’s a solid answer to the “FREE BEATS” debate. You have an untapped well of resources to provide content to the world. Don’t miss the opportunity the internet is providing you. Don’t limit yourself.

Fame and superstardom might be what your looking for but that will be a by product of your success if you make something great anyways. You’ll get your moment, it’ll provide itself so long as you stay persistent and always put time and effort into what your doing. You should want great, not good enough. It’s time to approach the game differently, take advantage of peoples want to stream music from Spotify and Pandora. If you provide the right artists with the right production and register it, you’ll have the ability to get your music in rotation and earn royalties anytime your production is streamed.

Exclusives > Leases 

Something to think about.

Appreciate you taking the time out to read this. - SeRiSoNy 

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